Vcon fun!

We had the pin ceremony for the Aurora Awards. I was incredibly humbled to be in such good company, although sadly Chris Hadfield couldn’t come to the awards. 😉 I was so overwhelmed receiving my Aurora nominee pin that I almost forgot how to put it on!

Work continues on The Yappari Chronicles and the sequel to Winterborn. Hopefully more news to share before long!

SIWC, Vcon and Canvention!

Fall is starting to look fairly busy!

Registration just opened for the Surrey International Writers Conference !

I’m pretty excited about attending, as I haven’t been there in a few years – I believe the last time I went was 2007. The workshops are amazing, the camaraderie and energy incredible.

Early in October I will also be attending Vcon 39 which just happens to be CANVENTION as well. I’m excited to be nominated for an Aurora Award! It has been an exciting year so far, so I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

New Character Art

I’ve been busy working on the second book as well as the Yappari Chronicles, so updates on here have been spotty.

Wanted to share my latest illustration however, as it deals with Quinne and Anita from Winterborn. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Quinne and Anita

Quinne and Anita

Gorgeous New Art in the Bestiary!

Thanks to Feigned Sobriquet ( ) for taking on the  monumental task of adding illustrations to the bestiary. Her additions of Kona and Wyrms are simply incredible.

More content will continue to be updated regularly, so check back often. 🙂

Official Launch!

At long last the Yappari Chronicles is up and running!

Although the site will continue to grow as I add more art, stories and information, the bulk is already up.  I’m hopeful that this site provides a more comprehensive world overview, however chances are that it generates as many questions as it answers.

As the worlds of the Yappari and the Sidhe are explored in more depth in the novels themselves, I hope you will bear with me. I am trying not to give spoilers about the stories of the books themselves in the general background, so if pieces are missing it is a deliberate choice.

Feel free to ask questions and suggest characters for short stories. While I can’t guarantee that I will write about them  I am always eager to hear from readers. What ( or who) intrigues you? What do you wish I explored at more length?

This is, after all, just the beginning.

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the home of the Yappari  Chronicles. Here you will find information about Yappari and the sidhe and a full compendium of their world and histories.  Much of what is here is new material that was only alluded to in the novels, as I’m hoping that the website allows me to share additional material.

Thanks are owed to my husband, son and all the friends that have helped me flesh it out through the years.

Please enjoy the stay! Much of the visual art was created by me as well, but the gallery holds all the character art that has either been commissioned by me or received as a gift. Links are provided to the artist pages from the gallery section, so I hope you will also have the chance to visit the amazing artists and see more of their work.

Short stories will be uploaded to their section irregularly. These are stories that I was unable to include in the novels themselves; they are often written from the characters POV and give insight into them.  If there is a particular character that you are curious about, by all means let me know! You never know if they might end up being the focus of the next short story.