Some of the creatures that inhabit the land.

Chimera –
The Chimera in Winterborn live almost exclusively in the plains and the mountain passes. While not fully domesticated they are often found in the company of the plains sidhe, who employ them as guards for their nomadic settlements. Their appearance is an amalgam of a wolf face and body, scaley legs and tail and a pair of draconic wings. The wings are small and entirely useless, as chimera are unable to fly.
Dreamers – The backlash of attempting to enslave magic, these ravenous creature emerged from the re-animated corpses of the fallen. They are an amalgam of flesh and vegetation – hate given life.
Wyverns – Roughly the size of small birds, wyverns have been employed by short range communication by sidhe for centuries. Friendly and trusting, these little critters are deceptively resilient and can travel for days on end.
Shades – Shades are also remnants of the days before sidhe magic went berserk, fragments of souls kept either as servants  or preserved as companions once the physical body had wasted away. Bound to a specific mage, shades are sustained by the mage’s own energy. Once he has passed on all shades anchored in him/her fade away to nothing.
Kona- A type of monstrous underground worm that inhabits the plains, the Kona are voracious carnivores. Fifty times the size of a horse, the sight of their maw shooting up is the last thing many travelers see.
Kelp Beasts/ Kelp Dwellers – The kelp forests that delineate much of the Yappari territory are inhabited by a shape shifting race called the Kelp beasts/ Kelp Dwellers.  Until recently the Yappari were unaware of their shape-shifting ability, knowing them only as the beasts that ambushed them in the kelp forest. Hunted nearly to extinction they have chosen to reveal themselves and negotiate with their enemies.
Kelp Dwellers have two forms – the kelp beast, a large draconic lion similar to the Okinawan Shisa and their humanoid dweller form, which includes bony horns on their heads&nblizard-likeong lizard like tail.
Sirens-  Monstrous creatures that inhabit the deep and wage war on all underwater races indiscriminately. The descriptions of their appearance vary as they can project illusions to lure their victims near.  Sirens have a preference for selkie and hunt them for food as well as mating.
Selkies – Another of the shapeshifting races that inhabit the reaches of the Yappari empire, selkies are hard to quantify as they are largely nomadic. They have been fairly successful as staying out of the way of the Yappari and their expansionism, but frequent raids by sirens have forced them to approach them of late.  Selkie have the ability to shapeshift between humanoid bodies and those of seals and sea lions; this allows them to interact more openly with some of the other races, particularly humans on dryland.
Wyrms – Sea serpents are largely extinct, thanks to the war waged on them by the first Yappari settlers.  Few are left and they are largely dormant, sequestering themselves far away from the underwater denizens. Older wyrms are purely draconic, while a couple of the younger wyrms documented are able to take on another form. It has been speculated that due to their dwindling numbers the younger generations have mated with some of the shape-shifting races of the deep, which grants their offspring this ability.