The following bios may include spoilers, and cover characters from Winterborn and the Yappari Chronicles

Tereg: Half human and half sidhe, Tereg is Mirin’s protege and believes firmly that there is no such thing as a fixed fate. (art by L.Bayless)
Mirin: Fire mage and half yappari, he is an exile taken in by the mainland sidhe. Ill at ease with his own magical abilities and the cost they always entail, he’s torn between finally getting his revenge or protecting Tereg and his adoptive clan. (art by L.Bayless)
Eihall: Lord of the plains riders, Eihall and his people are charged with protecting the other sidhe clans from the Dreamers. Always torn between his personal beliefs and the duties imposed on him, he is one of the main characters in the Yappari Chronicles. (art by L.Bayless)
Quinne: Librarian and Lore keeper of the sidhe, devoted to his wife Anita and to his friends. Aristophe and Iona’s son, a gentle personality hide his considerable magical talent. (art by L.Bayless)
Kinnean:  Eihall’s second in command, and advisor. He served the previous clan leader and has known Eihall since childhood. Kinnean is the one person that the young leader trusts absolutely. (art by LeeYC
Aristophe: He is part of the sidhe council and one of the oldest sidhe living; he is one of very few surviving battle mages after magic went rogue, and can be absolutely ruthless. Aristophe heads up the Questors, those mages entrusted with policing magic usage.  He is  Quinne’s father and was also Eihall’s tutor. (art by D. Falcao)
Anita: Anita is Quinne’s human wife, much to Aristophe’s displeasure. She is opinionated and outspoken and gets along just fine with everyone but Aristophe. Ferocious and determined, her story continues in the Yappari Chronicles.(art by Lee YC)
Salo: Son to Iona, Matron of the Yappari, Salo was sent as a hostage-guest to the mainland Sidhe. Close friend of both Anita and Quinne, Salo heads the healer’s guild. He prefers staying in the background; unfortunately that isn’t always possible, as political intrigues have a way of finding him. (art by A. Teicher)
Yelena: Eihall’s twin, Yelena is the avatar of the goddess Ythelen, and serves her unconditionally. Her and Eihall and often at odds, but she is much revered among their people.(art by Lee YC)
Mika: Eihall’s and Yelena’s uncle, he was also Mirin’s mentor and closest companion. His death precedes the events in Winterborn, but has a direct effect on many of the protagonists.(art by A. Teicher)
Dylan: A human warlord with a grudge towards sidhe, he’d happily wipe them all off the face of the land. He is not above using sidhe technology to achieve that end, or allying with rogue Yappari.(art by Lee YC)
Liadhir: Leader of the main opposing House in the Yappari empire, Liadhir is ruthless and ambitious. Disliking Matron’s policies and compromises she forges her own alliances during the events of Winterborn, and launches an all out civil war during the Yappari Chronicles.
(art by S. Petrulis)
Matron: Iona is the undisputed leader of the Yappari empire. Her success has come at considerable personal cost, and recent attempts to modernize the  Empire have created great tension among the Houses. (art by A. Teicher)
Sanhadrin: Heir apparent to Matron, the young Yappari is thrust into a position of power she isn’t entirely certain she wants. While protecting Matron’s son and her grandchild to be, she finds herself at odds with what is expected of her. ( art by J. Probelski)
Iruhi: Shapeshifting wyrm in the service of Liadhir. He has a long history of service to her cause and antagonism towards the rest of their houses and their allies, particularly Aristophe and the sidhe. Ruthless and vicious, he is well matched as Liadhir’s companion. ( Art by A.Teicher)
Gadrian: Aristophe’s brother, long dead by the start of Winterborn. He was one of the most formidable battle mages of their age, and together with Aristophe, one of the few to survive the clan wars and the sundering of magic.  ( art by A. Teicher)
Edyk: Kelp dweller lord of few words and steely determination. His people have suffered much under Liadhir’s yoke and he is relentless in the pursuit of exposing what she has done and freeing his people. ( art by A. Teicher)
Tamryn: The Keeper of Souls, de facto spiritual leader of the selkie people.  His particular duties also include gathering the souls of those killed in the oceans of the Reach, for safekeeping. ( Art by A. Teicher)
Iman: Jonan’s younger brother,  prince of the selkie lost in his own grief and a role much too large for him to fill. ( Art by A. Teicher)
Jonan: Heir apparent to the selkie. A stalwart warrior and friend of Sanhadrin, he comes to the Yappari city to expose Liadhir’s treachery and her dealings with the wyrm Iruhi and the sirens. ( Art by A. Teicher)
Izzar: Comrade to Gadrian and Aristophe in the past. After an unforgivable transgression turned into a shade by Aristophe to serve and safeguard Quinne. ( Art by Vicki)
The Master of Tides: Ageless ruler of the deep Reach; prior to the selkie interference and the establishment of the Keepers of souls all who died in the ocean were his domain. ( Art by A. Teicher)
Jahli: Sidhe healer and  part of Salo’s team and Eihall’s diplomatic retinue. ( Art by A. Teicher)
Warit: Sidhe engineer, part of Eihall’s retinue and brought to the Yappari capital to aid in reconstruction. ( Art by L. Bayless)
Talia: Archivist of the Yappari and unofficial head of one of the twelve Houses, she is also mate to Aze. She is trying to make Yappari Society more inclusive of non-warriors like her.
Aze: Second in command to San, Aze heads one of the twelve great Houses and is a ferocious warrior. San trusts her implicitly with delicate missions; she is also mate to Talia.
Iahn:  the Yappari born oracle and current Steward of the selkie. Official guardian of Jonan and Iman he has been waiting until they are ready to take over.